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Sep 12, 2012 / 1 note

roommate rant

this mother fucking bitch

so i buy - with my own personal money- groceries for MYSELF monday ($70 worth), one item for example was ice tea … … . i put four ice teas in the fridge monday, on tuesday i grabbed one and she asked for one so i was like yeah you can have one……………nigga i wake up this fucking morning and the  ice teas in the fridges are GONE! YOU FUCKING DRANK MY ICE TEAS!!! THIS ISN’T THE SECOND TIME EITHER! i got mini arizona ice teas and the bitch drank all of them too and left the box in my closet. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! if you can go home every weekend to your drop out boyfriend you can fucking go buy grooceries for yourself maybe if you went home and fixed the relationship with your family first - instead of being your boyfriends bitch- you can fucking get groceries bought to you. holy fucking shit, im so pissedm i can see the empty bottle of ice tea sitting on her desk too. 

don’t fucking touch my shit!

and then she decides she is”too sick” to go to class. well sorry bitch i have to finish a paper and print it and make oatmeal and turn on the lights. and i may just make it much worse than it already is because you’re a dumb cunt who drank my shit without asking.

she is so fucking retarded, i can’t even deal. i don’t know why she doesn’ t call her family and fix shit, if your parents don’t like your boyfriend, neither should you. dumb bitch